Ingrowing Toenail treatment in Guildford

Solely Feet team can help you with Ingrowing toenails. They develop either due to bad nail cutting technique, nail peeling or due to nail injury, breaking the skin and growing into the flesh. This often leads to infection, causing the toe to become red, hot, swollen and painful. GPs will frequently prescribe antibiotics to help to resolve the problem. However, the use of antibiotics can help to clear the infection but it does not address the underlying problem.

At Solely Feet we can help you with the ingrown nails in the following ways:

  • In some cases, a podiatrist will be able to clear the offending nail spicule/spike during a regular appointment without any need for more invasive procedure
  • Advise you on correct toenail cutting
  • Advise you on foot care and correct fitting shoes or socks

Sometimes the problem can become chronic and you might suffer recurring infections and pain. For these nails, there is a more permanent solution – nail surgery.